HAPPY PEOPLE (working title)

Life and creative work. Differences in perception, and the continuum of self-awareness in time and space. What moves the Artists and what do they think about inspiration, creative process and the meaning of life? We are trying to answer these questions through the prism of a camera, cautiously entering with it in hands into the inner lives of people-creators living in Ufa, the capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan that is so picturesquely situated on the slopes of the Southern Ural mountains.
These are a series of poetical portraits of Artists from different generations, whose lives are very delicately bound with each other by invisible threads of causal links in the tragic history of a great nation with all its deep contradictions.
This documentary film-poem is an explicit, deep and present day dialogue on the everlasting loneliness of an Artist, on a process of creation in a tortuous maze of the current virtual space and our general feeling of being lost in it.