For many years I dreamed of making a movie about my generation at the crossroads of two eras. In Brezhnev’s time we went to school, we had to tie a red pioneer tie around our necks and render the young pioneers salute. Me and my peers graduated from school in the ambiguous time of Perestroika. A few years later we, 20 year olds, bred on socialist ideals, and having witnessed the collapse of the ‘super-power’, absolutely unprepared plunged into a new epoch, up to this day undefined by historians. The characters of my film, who I know from the very childhood, are of the same age as me. 20 years ago three of them immigrated to Holland and France and the remaining three stayed in Moscow. They are all very different, with different fates, professions and lifestyles and the only thing that unites them is a common Soviet childhood and the undeniable difficulties while adjusting to a new time. 20 years later is the perfect moment to conclude and analyze the past. As well as thinking about present Russia and its future. We have been able to address all of it and transfer our reflections in the interviews of our characters.